Cat Breeds

The following list of cat breeds includes domestic cat breeds and domestic/wild hybrids. 

Amazing A !

Gustav chocolate.jpg Abyssinian        Aegean cat.jpg Aegean Cat       Australian Mist.jpg  Australian Mist    

 American curl 2.jpg American Curl    American Bobtail American Bobtail     Polydactylcat.jpg American Polydactyl  

 American Shorthair.jpg American Short hair    American Wirehair - CFF cat show Heinola 2008-05-04 IMG 8721.JPG American Wirehair     

 Arabian Mau Arabian Mau    BrownVarientAsianCat.JPG Asian (Cat)     Tiffanie at cat show.jpg Asian Semi – Longhair    

Beautiful B !

 BalineseBalinese       Bambino Bambino        Bengal CatBengal      

 Birman2.jpg Birman       Bombay cat.jpg Bombay       Gato pelo curto brasileiro.JPG Brazilian Short hair         

Britishblue.jpg British Shorthair       British Longhair - Black Silver Shaded.jpg British Longhair       Burmese Cat Burmese

Male Burmilla cat.jpeg Burmilla    

Cute !

 California Spangled CatCalifornia Spangled Cat    chantilly_tiffanyChantilly/Tiffany     Abbaye fev2006 003.jpg Chartreux

Chausie Cat Chausie      Cheetoh Cat Cheetoh      Jake117.jpg Colorpoint Shorthair

BebopsLilacPrince.JPG Cornish Rex       Cymric - Norwegian forest cat presentation show Kotka 2009-02-01 IMG 0687.JPG Cymric       CyprusShorthair.jpg Cyprus Cat

Desirable D !

Devon Rex Izzy.jpg Devon Rex     Cat don sphinx.JPG Donskoy / Don Sphynx    Dragon Li - Li Hua Mau1.jpg Dragon Li

Dwelf Cat Dwelf

Elegant E !

Egyptian Mau Egyptian Mau        European Shorthair European Short hair     

  Exotic Shorhair Exotic Short hair

Gentle G !

German Rex Emi.jpg German Re

Happy H !

 Havana Brown.jpg Havana Brown       Highlander Highlander        Chocolate Himlayan.jpg Himalayan

Jumping J !

JapaneseBobtailBlueEyedMi-ke.JPG Japanese Bobtail  

Kind K !

Kurilian Bobtail Kurilian Bobtail 

Lovely L !

Laperm LH red tabby.jpg LaPerm      

Marvellous M !

 Maine Coon female.jpg Maine Coon         Manx breed cat named Inkku.jpg Manx

Mekong bobtail female, Cofein Pride cattery.jpg Mekong Bobtail          Minskin Cat Minskin          Longhairedmunchkin.jpg Munchkin

Nice N !

Nebelung Male, Aleksandr van Song de Chine.JPG Nebelung      Napolean Cat Napoleon      Norskskogkatt Evita 3.JPG Norwegian Forest Cat

Outstanding O !

Ocicat-Charan.jpg Ocicat       Ojos Azules Ojos Azules      Oregon Rex Oregon Rex

Oriental Bicolor Oriental Bicolor       Oriental ShorthairOriental Shorthair    

Oriental Longhair Oriental Longhair

Perfect P !

Persialainen.jpg Persian      Tamila.jpg Peterbald       Pixie- Bob Pixie- Bob

Respectful R !

20050922AmarilloRes.jpg Ragamuffin      Ragdoll from Gatil Ragbelas.jpg Ragdoll       Russian Blue Cats Russian Blue   

Russian Black, White and Tabby Cat Russian black, white and tabby cat

Super S !

Savannah Cat portrait.jpg Savannah       Scottishfold.jpg Scottish Fold      Selkrick Rex Selkirk Rex

Serengeti Cat Serengeti Cat      Serrade Petit Cat Serrade Petit Cat      Siam lilacpoint.jpg Siamese

 Siberian Cat Siberian      Singapure Cat Singapure      Snowshoe Cats Snowshoe Cats

Sokoke Cat Sokoke Cat       Blue Somali kitten age 3 months.jpg Somali Cat     Sphinx2 July 2006.jpg Sphynx

Trusting T !

Mimbi3.JPG Thai       Tonkinese.gif Tonkinese        Toyger Toyger

Angora.jpg Turkish Angora       Turkish Van Example2.jpg Turkish Van

Uplifting U !

Ukrainian Levkoy Ukrainian Lekvoy        Ussuri

Yearning Y !

Adult Kittie (s).jpg York Chocolate Cat



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  1. What Cat do you have in mind? is there a cat you have currently, or want to have in the future, or going to have soon? you are free to share your comments below in the comment box!

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